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Gain Muscle

Here at Cardiff PT Studio we have helped so many people gain muscle, be it prepping for body building contests, strengthening for their sport, as well as getting in shape for their holiday! With decades of experience we know how to help you achieve your aims. See our WALL OF PROOF below to be inspired to take your first step and send us an enquiry to start your journey!

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Some of the amazing journeys we have helped people acheive...

Rob Waddell

From feeling like a gym ball on legs… to LOOKING & FEELING pretty HENCH! 12 weeks of the correct plan…

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Kate Evans

Kate struggled to gain muscle with little understanding of what was needed, but with the RIGHT APPROACH THIS CHANGED FAST!!

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Shane Small

Years of working out, but 12 weeks of training with the RIGHT APPROACH helped Shane reach his GOAL!

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Lois Withers

Long time gym goer struggled to get results, but when we put Lois on the RIGHT PLAN she achieved so much in just 12 weeks!

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Gerwyn Pritchard

Self-confessed UNHEALTHY & UNHAPPY Gerwyn discovered his best version in just 12 weeks!

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Shavan Osman

Shavan built a TONNE OF MUSCLE in a short space of time – just 12 weeks!

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Claudio Couto

Following the correct training and nutrition plan CHANGED Claudio’s LIFE!

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