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Weight Loss

Here at Cardiff PT Studio we have had so many success stories where people have transformed their bodies (and their lives)! With decades of experience we know how to help you achieve your aims. See our WALL OF PROOF below to be inspired to take your first step and send us an enquiry to start your journey!

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Some of the amazing journeys we have helped people acheive...

Kev Maunder

From being warned about his health to a life changing journey, Kev lost 6 stone in under 12 months!

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Jeannette Mcdonnell

Jen wanted to be fit at 40 – the motivation was there and with the right coaching she lost 4 stone in 12 months!

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Matthew Davies

The right type of coaching helped Matt lose nearly 10 stone in 2 years! Everyone is different and our coaching styles are adaptable to each individual.

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Sean Walker

Transformed His Lifestyle, Body Image & Health In A Very Short Space of Time!

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Nicola Smith

12 Week Transformation! 2 Stone Fat Loss In Less Than 90 Days!

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Nick Whitfield

Lost over 9kg in 10 weeks! Nick loves Jon’s coaching style and flexible approach to calories – so simple but sooo effective…

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Lost 24kgs in 6 months! From being apprehensive of the gym to now being supper confident thanks to Tom’s coaching…

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Alex Naomi

Lost 10k in 4 months despite chronic joint problems!

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Raymond Hayes

Ray lost a ton of fat in 12 weeks! A dramatic change in physique and fitness…

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