Jeannette Mcdonnell...

In 2013 I had been training with John for 6 years and he has always kept me on top of my fitness. I have had lots of periods during this time where I have had to work away and I am not great at motivating myself to train so it has often been a bit of a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ process. John always stayed committed to helping me even though I am sure it must have been a bit frustrating for him – and I am forever grateful for him not giving up on me!

As I approached the tender age of 40 I wanted to see some serious changes… I made the decision to not travel as much for my work which gave me to opportunity to really focus on myself. John had always spoke to me about the importance of what I was doing outside of our sessions, both in terms of exercise but more significantly my diet and eating habits. In January 2013 I was at the heaviest I have been but by my 40th birthday in July I had lost 2 stone and reduced my waist by 8cm.

After lapsing during my celebrations John helped me get back to my healthy eating and regular exercising, and by December I had lost a further 2 stone and a further 8cm from my stomach. So in 2013 I lost 4 stone and 16cm from my waist, and feel great for it – my energy levels are better and I get comments from everyone saying that they have never seen me looking so good. I couldn’t have done it without John’s help, constant support and encouragement and inspiration to keep going to the next stage even when I felt like giving up.

Thanks John for helping me to make such a difference to my life, both in fitness (never in a million years did I think I could run 10km!) and weight wise – getting back to the size I was in my 20’s!!

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