Kev Maunder...

I’ve been active throughout my life but I’ve always been susceptible to gaining weight. After being given some warnings by my doctor about my blood pressure, sugar levels/diabetes and cholesterol at the age of 69 I decided to focus on my health. I lost over 36 kilos (6 stone) in under a year and had all the medication reduced or stopped. 

I feel so much healthier – the pains in my joints have more or less stopped, I can do exercises pain free, & best of all people do not recognise me!!

It’s been a great journey – I now cannot go a day without doing some sort of exercise! I’ve enjoyed the support and camaraderie John and the rest of the trainers at Cardiff PT Studio have provided and love the interaction with the other guys that are coming or leaving as I arrive for my session. Thank you for all of your help in my life changing journey!

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