Matthew Davies...

“At my heaviest I was 24 stone and was leading a terrible lifestyle. I am sat behind a desk for my job and often spent the evening sat on my sofa eating junk food. After my first session with John he asked me how I could become more active within my everyday routine.

Even though I must admit it was tough at first I soon started to see the benefits of the sessions with John. I also realised my general lifestyle had become more active as a result of John’s tips and advice. As my weight started to drop and my fitness improved I started to enjoy training even more and it soon became part of my life.

In two years I lost nearly 10 stone! John’s sessions kept me motivated to continue training, and the variation meant I never got bored. One of the keys to my success was the way John encouraged me to improve my lifestyle. He didn’t tell me how and what to change, but his advice encouraged me to take the responsibilty. In the past I have been told what I need to do – but I often resented being deictated how to live my life, John’s tips helped me make the changes that I desperately needed to make.”

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