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A coach who cares about the finer details. I’m Martin Griffiths, I began coaching with an aim to provide innovative, personal and committed services for individuals who want to progress with their training. Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching offers a comprehensive service that prioritises not only the fitness and training aspect, but delves into nutrition and lifestyle choices. A father of 2 I know how chaotic life can be and believe strongly in creating positive habits that can be sustainable for the future. It is my role to not only educate you on the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’.

What to expect?

With over 15 years’ experience in the fitness and coaching industry I understand the importance of keeping clients informed at all times.  This takes place throughout the programme using a variety of engaging methods. Detailed analysis and assessment reports will be uploaded to an easily accessible online platform. All training programmes and coaching videos will be available via your mobile app to support and guide your journey.


Diploma Sports Science
Level 3 Sports Coaching
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Exercise Referral (Pending)
Level 4 Strength & Conditioning (Pending)
SAQ Certified
Circuit Instructor

When and why did you start working in the fitness industry?

I have always enjoyed taking part in a variety of sports from an early age. Whilst playing team sports I wanted to become stronger and more conditioned. I received my first set of weights on my 15th birthday and never looked back! Training over time became my main focus, and the gym a sanctuary to tune not only my body but my mind. A place to reflect, focus & grow. My keen interest in bodybuilding & functional training, fuelled my ambitions, and motivated me year on year to improve my physique. In recent years, my love for training has grown into a vocation. With my 16 years coaching experience and 20 years of mastering training systems it has forged a strong technical knowledge that I hope to utilise in the support of client’s needs. I believe strongly in training the mind and body to work as one.

What are your specialities and preferred methods?

Your long-term success is the goal! Most fitness and diet plans fail because they are too generic and are not able to factor in the stresses of everyday life. I am changing that one client at a time. I work with individuals to create bespoke plans using a holistic approach that will achieve results both in the short term and become sustainable for the future. Nutrition will form the foundation to achieve success, I promote that people work hard in the week and earn a cheat meal at the weekend. This helps promote both a positive mental health and relationship with food.

As a coach I specialise in:
Hypertrophy & Bodybuilding
Strength & Conditioning
Metabolic Conditioning
Weight loss
Lifestyle & Nutrition

What are your hobbies and interests?

Having a young family, life can sometimes be chaotic for me and although I love my family, I am a strong advocate in finding time for just me. Golf provides an outlet where I can get away from the stresses of life and enjoy being outdoors. We are so lucky to live on the coast and I try to get out with the family as much as possible. Also having a strong swimming background, I enjoy taking the boys to the pool when I can.

What is your favourite healthy meal, and cheat meal?

I love spice! Spicy chicken is my number 1 go to with any healthy meal I prepare. My favourite cheat meal would either be a big cheesy lasagne or if I am dining out you can’t beat a juicy burger!!
Check out my Instagram mgfitnesscoaching for my top 10 homecooked cheat meals : )
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