Katie Beesley...

Hi, I’m Katie, I want to show you how to find a healthy balance in your life, help you to achieve your goals and simplify the process of making positive changes. I can help you find the right strategy to suit your lifestyle whilst de-bunking all the nonsense myths. Finding a balance really isn’t all that complicated once you know how!


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

When and why did you start working in the fitness industry?

My career as a Personal Trainer began in 2018 however health and fitness has always been a focus of my education. As my knowledge grew I started receiving more questions about my personal journey. I realised that it is extremely rewarding to share my experiences and help others achieve their goals.
Even though I have always played sport and been active I have still struggled with my weight both at teenage years and adult years. Through taking interest in nutrition I gained an understanding of how to manage it and lead a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the finer things in life.
Through a combination of leading an active lifestyle and making healthier choices, I was able to take control of my weight - I am now the most comfortable I have ever been. I would love for others to feel that same sense of self-achievement. It is a privilege to be able to guide and inspire clients in an area I am so passionate about.

What are your specialities and preferred methods?

- My aim is to help people look at the bigger picture, not solely their exercise choice or the foods they are eating but how they can bring all factors together to achieve success.
- Coaching for strength training and teach you the benefits of lifting weights to achieve your goals. Ladies, come and learn how to lift - you won’t regret it!

- Improving fitness in a way appropriate to you, from general lifestyle fitness to high-intensity training and performance.
- A free taster session is available to discuss health and fitness goals, how they can be achieved and can be used as opportunity to have any questions on your mind answered. 

- Upon a successful taster session, if you are ready to start striving to reach your goals a personalised programme will be created for you that will best suit your goals, lifestyle and include what you enjoy!
- I can offer 30 minute or 1-hour sessions to deliver your personal training to your time preference.
- Nutritional guidance will also be tailored to you, in order to find the most beneficial methods for your progress.

What are your hobbies and interests?

• Netball, I have played since a young age, always in defence playing GK & GD. 

• In the gym I love lifting weights following a strength program and I also really enjoy high intensity workouts. 

• Gin - It’s my favourite beverage! I’m all for tasting a new gin, up there with my favourites are Tanqueray no.10, Bombay Sapphire and Opihr. 

• TV box sets - get addicted and whiz through seasons.

• Travelling, always thinking of my next trip away! Canada is the next big trip on my mind.

What is your favourite healthy meal, and cheat meal?

Favourite healthy meal for me must be salmon, stir-fried veg and noodles in a teriyaki sauce.
Its not so much the cheat meal for me ... I am a chocolate addict!! I would much prefer a healthy meal followed by a fudge cake, brownie or cheesecake ( or all three...).
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