Joe Davies...

Hi my name is Joe and I am passionate about training and a firm believer in Personal Training, I believe with the correct approach it can work for anyone who is serious about achieving their goals and is prepared to put the work in that is needed to do so.

With so many facets of the industry there is something for everyone, over the years I have competed and participated in many different sports and training disciplines, they range from Ice Hockey, Rugby, American Football and Combat Sports, like Judo and Boxing, but my true passion is bodybuilding, where I have really excelled both having competed and with the Strict extreme dieting and training principles, which are very much a necessity.

My biggest achievement to date was my 5-year transformation losing nearly 10 stone of body fat and transforming my body to a level where I had the pleasure of competing in NABBA Wales 2017.

This was not an easy path, but through all my experiences I have learnt so much and truly wish to educate, support and guide others to whatever their goal may be…. Dream big start small, its possible!


Certified Instructor and Personal Trainer

When and why did you start working in the fitness industry?

I originally began my career in 2015, working in a commercial gym environment, working with a whole range of individuals and groups, of different age, gender, ability and background and in addition I have always been at hand to train friends and family including my wife to be, who these days trains with me!

The reason I wanted to become a PT, was because I was inspired by the sense of responsibility and duty of care of somebodies ambitions, emotion and goals a true professional has. I have been coached myself through my own journey, which is still very alive today and I endeavor to give the level; of professionalism I have experienced back with everyone I have worked with and will work with in the future!

What are your specialities and preferred methods?

I’m very much an advocate of structure, not just diet and training but life as well. Ultimately anyone looking to improve themselves with training and nutrition is making a solid leap towards lifestyle change. This all starts with education not everyone will benefit from a single training system and not all Calorie sources are created equal, all of us are different and respond to food and training stimulus in our own unique way. I aim to show you what works for your body whilst keeping it relevant to your individual needs, goals and commitments.

What are your hobbies and interests?

It may seem a bit odd but I am in my elements during a workout, I thrive off testing my will, my mind and my body, in every set I focus on being the best I can be. It doesn’t end when I leave the gym if there is something I don’t understand or I hear about a training technique I don’t know about I will spend time researching and further developing my knowledge.

I do enjoy other things as well!!

Family time

Date Nights



Video Games

What is your favourite healthy meal, and cheat meal?

Healthy: Steak, Eggs, Sweet Potato, and Salad

Cheat: Big old Burger and Fries with all the bells and whistles followed by Ice Cream!!
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