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Kev Maunder

I’ve been active throughout my life but I’ve always been susceptible to gaining weight. After being given some warnings by my doctor about my blood pressure, sugar levels/diabetes and cholesterol at the age of 69 I decided to focus on my health. I lost over 36 kilos (6 stone) in under a year and had […]

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Podium Therapies

Podium Therapies are able to offer you a range of treatments to help you relax & unwind or recharge and fix any injuries from everyday life and sport. Based in Cardiff, we are pleased to offer you a place of calm to relax and re-energise your mind and body with treatments made for everyone. Sheree […]

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Iestyn Williams

I am Iestyn, one of the new guys plying my trade at the studio. However, I have worked in various aspects of the industry for 5 years and gained valuable knowledge from; customer services, class fitness instructing to personal training and coaching individuals to become fitter and healthier. Whatever your goal may be, whether it […]

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Martin Griffiths

A coach who cares about the finer details. I’m Martin Griffiths, I began coaching with an aim to provide innovative, personal and committed services for individuals who want to progress with their training. Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching offers a comprehensive service that prioritises not only the fitness and training aspect, but delves into nutrition and […]

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Jonathan Halstead

My aim as a personal trainer is to improve people’s lives not just physically but also mentally, I achieve this through sustainable training and nutritional advice whilst always looking to find new ways to improve my knowledge in all aspects of the health and fitness industry for the best results possible.

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Joe Davies

Hi my name is Joe and I am passionate about training and a firm believer in Personal Training, I believe with the correct approach it can work for anyone who is serious about achieving their goals and is prepared to put the work in that is needed to do so. With so many facets of […]

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Katie Beesley

Hi, I’m Katie, I want to show you how to find a healthy balance in your life, help you to achieve your goals and simplify the process of making positive changes. I can help you find the right strategy to suit your lifestyle whilst de-bunking all the nonsense myths. Finding a balance really isn’t all […]

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Hector Cortes

All round athlete from marathons to triathlons and Obsticle race course I can’t conceive life without a challenge I love motivating people to become their better version of themselves using functional training and metabolic training.

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Aaron Morton

I’m Aaron and I have been a personal trainer for over 7 years training busy professionals to get fitter, leaner and stronger. My common clients are those who feel their health & fitness are slowly slipping away, with niggling joint pains and a feeling weaker becoming more commonplace. I work to restore your confidence in […]

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Sian Thomas

I struggled throughout my 20s with binge eating and drinking, I didn’t do any exercise and would smoke and drink heavily on a daily basis. I was unhappy, overweight and extremely unhealthy. I decided enough was enough and over the course of the following 2/3 years made several changes to my health and fitness. I […]

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Mark Chatterton

The most important part of training is having fun and having a laugh. Remembering laughing is good for the core! I get great satisfaction and a lot of fun out of seeing my clients reach their individual goals, whether it be weight loss, building muscle, increasing fitness, rehabilitate an injury or just making their lives […]

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Matthew Davies

“At my heaviest I was 24 stone and was leading a terrible lifestyle. I am sat behind a desk for my job and often spent the evening sat on my sofa eating junk food. After my first session with John he asked me how I could become more active within my everyday routine. Even though […]

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Nicky Thompson

Two years ago I decided that I’d have to make a radical lifestyle change – no longer could I stuff my face and think that fat was beautiful, when in reality fat meant I couldn’t get up from the sofa and my knees hurt all the time, and even going up and down stairs was […]

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Rachel Barlow-Maguire

I started training with the guys at Cardiff Personal Training Studio while I was still going through my Breast Cancer treatment. I knew I had to start exercising because I had committed to take on a huge mountain only a month after finishing my battle with cancer – Kilimanjaro! The guys were great with me, […]

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Lucy Cohen

My journey with Cardiff Personal Training Studio started when, well, I got a bit fat. I seemed to have forgotten that I couldn’t eat and drink whatever I wanted, sit on the sofa and stay a healthy weight. I woke up one morning and realised that something had to change. I got on to the […]

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Jeannette Mcdonnell

In 2013 I had been training with John for 6 years and he has always kept me on top of my fitness. I have had lots of periods during this time where I have had to work away and I am not great at motivating myself to train so it has often been a bit […]

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Sharon Dixon

Sharon describes her journey in her own unique way: ‘All I had to do was turn up at the gym, listen to music, sweat a bit, cry a little, and listen intently to all Dave told me to do. We laugh a lot but we work hard. Thanks Dave you are a superstar!’

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Daniel Davies

I’m a Firefighter, personal trainer and family man so keeping fit is a big part of my life! From my own personal experience I know first hand how transforming your appearance can change your life. It will boost your confidence, raise your energy levels, make you feel better about yourself and list goes on and […]

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John Byers

John is the founder of Cardiff Personal Training Studio and has been personal training since 2000. Having worked in 5* hotel gyms and large commercial gyms he always wanted to offer a facility that would allow him, and other trainers, to be able to provide a better service than can be given in busy gyms. […]

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