Individual session start from £16* and we are also happy to offer sessions for two people at a time, these sessions can start from £10 per person. Please fill out the enquiry form and one of our trainers will be in contact to discuss starting your training (no commitment).

*30 minutes sessions bought in a block


Our classes offer a fun and affordable training experience that bridges the gap between personal training and a standard exercise class. We limit these classes to 12 people to ensure the quality of the session, they are all 45 minutes long and are adaptable to all levels. Each class has a slight twist with its focus so whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete your instructor will adjust the exercises and intensity to help you burn lots of fat and build lean muscle to help you achieve your goals.

Class Timetable

  • Mon | 6:30pm | John Boxfit
  • Tue | 6:30am | Hector HIIT Circuits
  • Tue | 6:30pm | Hector HIIT Circuits
  • Wed | 6:30am | John Metcon Circuits (Metabolic Conditioning)
  • Sat | 7:45am | John Metcon Circuits (Metabolic Conditioning)
  • Sat | 10:30am | Joe Strength and Conditioning

Class Membership

Pay per class £6
One class per week £22/month (~£5/class)
Two classes per week £42/month (~£4.80/class)
Unlimited classes £55/month (~£2/class)
First class is free, please contact us contact us to book your place

Summer Running Club

Join our elite endurance athlete and Running Coach Hector Cortes to build and improve your running times. The running club starts at the beginning of April and will take you through to October getting you ready for whatever your goal may be!
Cardiff races that Hector will be at for you include:

Summer Series
May 5k
September 10k
October Half Marathon

Hector will cater for all abilities on the Thursday runs and you can join his classes on Tuesdays (6.30am or pm) or Fridays (6.30am) for more specific conditioning. You can get even more personalised coaching by adding a one-to-one session to the running club! During the summer Hector will arrange convenient times to deliver talks on nutrition, programming and race preparation.

Running Club Packages:

Bronze – weekly running club £20
Silver – weekly running club and one class a week £40
Gold – weekly running club, one class a week, and one 45 minute PT session a week £120
(You can also have the gold package without the weekly class for £100)

Running Club will start at the studio at 6.30pm every Thursday from April-October. The length of the session will vary but will progressively get longer over the summer.

Daytime Membership

A daytime gym membership (Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00, Sat 08.30-12.00) is available for people who are having one of the above sessions for £20 per calendar month.

The true cost of Personal Training

One of the misconceptions we believe personal training has is the cost. Here at Cardiff Personal Training Studio we try to make personal training as cost effective as possible. We are happy to train pairs so you can split the cost and we also offer a full service using up to date technologies so you are not just paying for your individual personal training session, but in fact you are paying for us to help facilitate your lifestyle change.

An example we are often told by our clients is how much they have paid in monthly memberships and never really used the facilities compared to paying for a regular PT session that has motivated them to change their bad habits, and encouraged them to do more exercise.

Using this example take a look at a typical 6 month comparison of health club membership and regular PT sessions:

The True Cost of PT’ing
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  • Class Descriptions

    Metcon Circuits
    Raise your metabolism for the next 48 hours with this whole body circuit class that will be different every session. Whole body movements will ensure lots of calories are burnt during the session & for the next couple of days!

    HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
    Alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. These sessions gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

    Boxfit is the best stress buster and fat burner around! Work and tone the upper body with the boxing, and hit the legs with the box jumps (soft boxes available!) for a great whole body workout.

    Strength and Conditioning
    The perfect blend of strength training and conditioning. This class will challenge your strength endurance with all of our functional training equipment, burning lots of fat and hitting muscles you did not know you had!