Individual session start from £16* and we are also happy to offer sessions for two people at a time, these sessions can start from £10 per person. Please fill out the enquiry form and one of our trainers will be in contact to discuss starting your training (no commitment).

*30 minutes sessions bought in a block

Group Personal Training

Want to train in a small group of 3-6 people to split the cost of personal training, get results, and have some fun? The breakdown of our small group PT sessions is below, please complete the enquiry form if you would like more information.

Group PT sessions – 4×45 minutes sessions.

6 people £165 (~£6.50/person/session)
5 people £150 (£7.50/person/session)
4 people £135 (£8.50/person/session)
3 people £120 (~£9.50/person/session)

Small Group Training

Our small group classes offer a fun and affordable training experience that bridges the gap between personal training and a standard exercise class. We limit these classes to 20 people to ensure the quality of the sessions so they are only available with prior booking as many of them are at capacity. These sessions start from £5 per session, please highlight on the enquiry form if you would like to have more information on one or more of the classes.

Small Group Classes

  • Mon | 6:00pm | Clare Fitchicks 6am Club
  • Tue | 7:30pm | Clare Fitchicks Tuesday Night Club
  • Wed | 6:30am | JohnWednesday Morning Club
  • Wed | 1:15pm | ClareLunchtim Fitchicks
  • Wed | 7:30pm | JonWednesday Night Fat Blast
  • Thu | 6:00am | ClareFitchicks 6am Club
  • Sat | 7:45am | JohnSaturday Morning Club

Open Gym Membership

An open gym membership (Mon-Fri 08.30-17.30, Sat 08.30-12.00) is available for people who are having sessions with a PT for £20 per calendar month.

The true cost of Personal Training

One of the misconceptions we believe personal training has is the cost. Here at Cardiff Personal Training Studio we try to make personal training as cost effective as possible. We are happy to train pairs so you can split the cost and we also offer a full service using up to date technologies so you are not just paying for your individual personal training session, but in fact you are paying for us to help facilitate your lifestyle change.

An example we are often told by our clients is how much they have paid in monthly memberships and never really used the facilities compared to paying for a regular PT session that has motivated them to change their bad habits, and encouraged them to do more exercise.

Using this example take a look at a typical 6 month comparison of health club membership and regular PT sessions:

The True Cost of PT’ing>

Workouts Online

Here at Cardiff PT Studio we know results are archived by regular exercise and eating properly. To help all of our clients exercise regularly we have put together an abundance of home workouts (30+) that can be done anywhere with no equipment required. These workouts can be done by anyone with John and Clare giving options for all levels. As a customer of Cardiff PT Studio you can purchase these workouts for a one off payment of £14.99 for unlimited access*. Included in this fee is access to our private Facebook group where we share exercise ideas and healthy eating tips.

To sign up for Workouts Online please use the PayPal link below and we will add you to the group.

*Non customers of Cardiff PT Studio can join Workouts Online for £14.99 per calendar month

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