Sam Rice...

Hi I’m Sam! I am personal trainer working from Cardiff PT Studio alongside being a Police Officer. I have had a keen interest in exercise and diet all my life and that’s why I strive to educate others to reach their goals. I am a strong believer in healthy body and healthy mind. I also promote lifestyle changes to reach goals and maintain them rather than quick fixes and fad diets!


REPs Level 3 Advanced Instructor
Level 3 NVQ Personal Training and nutrition
Core Stability
OTAGO Exercise Programme Leader

When and why did you start working in the fitness industry?

I started working in the industry in 2008 as a fitness instructor eventually gaining the relevant qualifications to become a personal trainer. I have always had a passion for training and for me working with people to reach their goals doesn’t even feel like work! There is no better feeling than seeing somebody happy with the body they live in. A little bit of guidance, education and lifestyle tweeks can change somebody’s life long term rather than short term.

What are your specialities and preferred methods?

I am a strong believer in training hard and flexible dieting! Calories in Vs Calories out!

Fat loss
Muscle building and body recomposition
Diet and nutrition (Using macros, education and food tracking)

What are your hobbies and interests?

Massive Liverpool fan (For all my sins)
Spending time with the people you love

What is your favourite healthy meal, and cheat meal?

Rarely eat healthy (Jokes!) Chicken Fajitas

Cheat meal would be dominos if we are talking takeaway. But going out for food will have to be a big fat burger and fries with something dirty on the top ideally cheese and bacon
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