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After being a heavy smoker I spent a few years going up and down in weight (mainly up!) I decided to make a dedicated effort to reduce my weight and improve my lifestyle and begin exercising more regularly. After successfully losing 2 stone I then decided I wanted to focus on toning up and reducing body fat so turned to the advice of a Personal Trainer to help with this. As I’m sure many people do I did a bit of research on Google and got in touch with John.

John took my training to the next level, and although it wasn’t necessarily the most ‘enjoyable’ 45 minutes of my week I soon started seeing the benefits. I had a target of losing 10kg (one and a half stone) in 3 months and reducing the centimetres from my stomach. I ended up losing 9 kilos in the 12 weeks and was very happy with the 10cms that came off my stomach! Through John’s education and advice I realised the weight loss was not as important as the centimetres because I started gaining more muscle on my chest and arms so as the body fat was dropping off muscles were appearing!

After my initial 3 month goal I continued my training as I knew John would help me stay on the ‘straight and narrow’. Even though I like to enjoy myself as much as the next man John’s training and nutritional advice has meant I now have much more of a balanced lifestyle. His sessions are always different, so I do not get bored of doing the same thing all the time, and his nutritional tips give me plenty of variation on ‘eating clean’.

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