Charlie Spring...

Fitness has always been the focus around my life. I have played rugby from the age of 5 and since then have been fascinated by the body and how it works. Whilst playing amateur rugby I went through a transformation and dropped from 17 stone down to 12 stone but since the move up to Premiership, I had to go through the opposite transformation and gain size but keep my agility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance with a goal weight and fully achieved weight of 22 stone.


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 2 Rugby Development Coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Kettlebell Training
Trampoline & Parkour Coaching
Jet-Ski & Fly-Boarding Instructor

When and why did you start working in the fitness industry?

After studying sport & exercise science, I began as a volunteer in a private gym in Brighton whilst playing rugby for Worthing rugby club to help me understand the industry and better myself for my rugby goals. My focus had always been functional outdoor training but coaches had always pushed me to get in the gym. My knowledge of what my body needed and correct techniques was very low and I found it hard to ask for help, which led me to see what qualifications I could gain to help my training and development. I then went through a level 2 apprentice giving my role in the gym more direction and responsibility. I quickly gained my qualification, which led onto my Level 3 personal trainer and additional courses over the years. I have worked in a number of different gyms both private and public, I have also worked for rugby clubs as fitness and development coach and spent some time in a fight school learning the arts of MMA.

What are your specialities and preferred methods?

Coming from a very strong rugby background playing at a number of different levels and clubs ranging all the way up to premiership rugby and with previous experience in gyms, I have learnt that short fast interval training is one for the most effective way of achieving fast, effective and long lasting results. My methods of training are very diverse and know that variety is key, not only for the physical effect that training has on you but also the mental. My main goal is to share the knowledge I have gained within my time in the fitness industry.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I really enjoy spending time with my family and taking our two children camping and on as many adventures as possible. Since I have hung my rugby boots up due to injury, which was my only hobby I have taken up cycling which I really enjoy. I try and hit around 200 miles per week and my bicycle garage is forever growing which Cadi is not too fond of as I have been known to spend more time with them than her!

What is your favourite healthy meal, and cheat meal?

Favourite healthy food is probably the standard chicken and veg with a dab of spicy sauce.
Favourite cheat meal is TGI Friday Jack Daniels chicken strips, every time!
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